Not ashamed to say that I’ve just cried at the end of Bad Education. Now I’m going to go sleep and cry a little bit more

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Because they were always heroes, even before they officially became them.

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Ok fine, you win. John was an asshole

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Metal Gear Solid, PS1.

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10 gifs that look much better reversed

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ive been kinda a crappy friend lately, but i feel the need to remind you that no matter what, i will always love you and you should never feel scared or ashamed or guilty of your struggles, because they are valid emotional and psychological responses and no matter what you can always talk to me about absolutely anything <3

<3 You’ve never been a crappy friend! You’re the best ever and thank you for simply being there for me

  • otp
    Destiel, duh

  • favourite canon pairing
    Unless we’re watching different shows, I’m pretty sure Destiel is canon? But I’ll also ship Chuck and Becky oops

  • worst pairing ever
    Meg/Castiel. I just couldn’t get to grips with it

  • guilty pleasure pairing
    Sam/Gabriel isn’t really guilty, just a good pairing. Maybe Bobby/Crowley because that shit’s awesome

  • a pairing you want to see more
    Sam/Castiel. I’m… intrigued. 

  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no” 
    Again, Megstiel

  • favorite non-romantic pair
    Dean and Benny! They were bros man, and TPTB took that away from us
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"I should probably masturbate"

—Me whenever I’m home alone (via spicy-vagina-tacos)
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Tomorrow morning, everyone on Earth will wake up having the moveset of a random Super Smash Bros. character.  This includes everything from physics, jump height, smash attacks, throws, etc., but you’ll still be yourself and look the same, and everyone will still go about their daily lives.  You and everyone else will have this moveset forever.

Last two digits of your follower count determines your character.

Third to last digit determines which version of your character.  If your character doesn’t appear in that game, use the closest game in the series where they do.

If you get Ice Climbers, you can only use the rope when partnered with someone else who got Ice Climbers.

If you get Duck Hunt, you now have a pet duck you have to take care of.

If you get a 64 character, you can’t air dodge, charge smash attacks, and you only have three specials.

How awesome/awful will life be for you?

I got Pac-Man.  I’m only happy about this because I can grab objects from across the room by using my hand tractor beam.

Motherfucking Jigglypuff





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Guys can we talk about how great reversed gifs are


like we have the vacuums


we have the dirty stuff



we have the fixers


we have the ceptioners


and we have my favorite 


like these are the greatest things in the world

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naruto text post meme: i forgot the caption 6/?
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