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I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.

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☠ ★ ☠

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This feeling when you walk into big art supply stores …

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And to think this little shit killed a guy with those same hands

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step 1: think about the quote “don’t go where i can’t follow” in relation to your otp

step 2: feel sad



I didn’t even wait for all the gifs to load before I reblogged this…

aww his foot doing the thing

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"Fucking Howard the Duck?"

—Everyone who waited through the credits of Guardians of the Galaxy (via thatmovieguydoe)
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らくがきまとめ by ende

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lol look how quickly tables turned after consequences were involved






last time i looked (yesterday btw) this thing had 9k notes wtf

i have been watching this for 5 minutes

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Secrecy of autumn roads by Janek Sedlar

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love triangles are so unnecessary so often like… they’re used too much… they’re unnecessary. this is unnecessary. i am not interested. i feel like yawning. i’m yawning


mfw people insist that domesticated animals (i.e. animals that were literally created by humans and would not exist naturally) couldn’t possibly need any form of human technology to be healthy and comfortable


Yes, thank you!

When people try to pass domestication off as a good thing 100% of the time it makes me realise they have literally no concept of what they’re talking about.

Like how domestication has completely changed the shape of many animals, both physically and mentally.

Take the dog’s skull shape. There are many breeds whose heads are too small now for their brains, and can end up with syringomyelia and other neurological issues that can only be sorted with human technology and medicine. 

Or how cows and small dogs have to be assisted during birth because of how we’ve influenced their body size. 

Get to know me meme: Tagged by the amazing theskyofsunshinea

Name: Gemma

Nickname: My mum calls me Jim, some people call me Casa

Birthday: 5th September (4 days left!)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual/bisexual

Height: 5 foot 2 inches. Or something like 152cm

Time Zone: GMT; I’m in London so it’s 0

What time and date is it there: It’s 10:57pm, on the 1st September.

Average hours of sleep I get each night: Sometimes 9 hours, sometimes 12. And occasionally 4

The last thing I googled was: The Exotic Pets website :)

First word that comes to mind: Calves (I’m watching South Park and they’re saving baby cows haha).

What I last said to a family member: ”Are you working tomorrow? Well, get some rest then.” My brother’s working tomorrow.

One place that makes me happy & why: Forests. I can’t get enough of trees and free, empty places.

How many blankets I sleep under: I have a duvet, I don’t need blankets

Favorite beverage(s): I really love lemonade, but apple juice, my god, saved my life

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy :)

Three things I can’t live without: My animals, my books and Pokemon

Something I plan on learning: I want to learn Mandarin Chinese. I also want to improve my writing abilities and maybe start drawing again.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Don’t be ashamed to be yourself. If your friends don’t like it, then they’re not your true friends.

You all have to listen to this song: Hypnone by Katatonia. It is the one song that inspires me again and again. 

My blog: Contains Pokemon, Supernatural, Avengers, too many ships to count, and animals. Sooo many animals. Lots of tarantulas too.

So I’m gonna tag brillopal wingsofatrickster andromedas-stars and youwerethinkingitsannoying 

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